Being a teacher is the most powerful way you can change and inspire the lives of many thousands of people.

Our new Teacher Training program teaches you how to Be your audience, to teach from a core-tone and to clear the fear of publicity, fame and public speaking.

Would you like to be able to touch, move and inspire hundreds, or perhaps thousands of people at the same time?  Would you like to know how to connect and be truly present with an audience, seemingly able to "read their thoughts" and answer their questions? 

In our first set of RPT "Train the Teachers" programs, Simon will show you how to embody the essence of the Teacher. 

In this short (5 minute) video Simon explains the essence of the program.

As Simon describes in the video, this program is NOT an RPT Teacher certification, however it is a pre-requisite for teacher certification.  The Train the Teachers program is a worthwhile training for all teachers of all modalities (including business leaders, school teachers and anyone who has to present to groups).

At completion of the program you should expect to clear your fear of public speak and of marketing yourself and your services as a teacher.  This is an intense program of clearing fears and blocks, and of teacher development. There is a strong business and marketing focus.

Knowledge of RPT is assumed and will not be taught in the program.

Prerequisite: RPT Level 2, with Level 3 being very strongly recommended.  (Level 3 is a pre-requisite for teacher certification though it could be taken after the Train the Teachers program.)

Venue: Moscow. November 23, 2013 through December 8,2013. Price is $2800.00. Please contact us to get additional information.