Sponsor a Reference Point Therapy seminar

Help spread Reference Point Therapy across the Globe!  

You can bring a Reference Point Therapy seminar to your city - wherever in the world you are. Simon regularly travels across Australia and overseas and can usually make arrangements to teach in new locations.   We also have a network of experienced teachers across the globe and can often help you find an experienced teacher in your area.

As sponsor it is your responsibility to find a suitable venue and to promote the course in your area. We will help with supply of posters, brochures and lots of advice and experience. It is usually easy to find 20 or more people interested in attending a course in your area.  

The benefits of sponsoring a course are that you get to do the course for free, in your local area and you are entitled to receive a share of the course revenues.

If you would like to sponsor a Reference Point Therapy course in your area, please email us.