Testimonials from Mastering the Miraculous

Here are some of the many testimonials we've received from our Intuitive Anatomy / Mastering the Miraculous courses. (The course name changed in May 2009. Several testimonials use the older course name. Likewise, we have shortened the course to 10 days (because we are using faster techniques) however you'll see testimoials referring to 12 or 15 days.)

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Testimonials - Mastering the Miraculous

Dear Simon and Evette, I would like to take this opportunity to write to you and thank you for the Intuitive Anatomy that I recently attended. This course has been everything I wanted and much much more. Reference Point Therapy is amazing. I already experienced that in your Level 1 and 2 courses but the Intuitive Anatomy intensive was phenomenal. It has been lovely to shift the trauma in a safe, fun (yes fun) environment. Not once did I have to experience the trauma again, which made releasing it a nice experience. This intensive course helped me identify and clear past patterns in my life easily. Before I did not understand how or why I had some of these and felt overwhelmed with them at times.

My intuition has heightened immensely and I feel fantastic. When we did the "Seeing the future" day we cleared the blocks that I had and straight away I could see my future path. I was very excited as this has been a block for me for many years. Another breakthrough was clearing grief that I was holding onto from a horse that I had owned who had died suddenly. I was self sabotaging my life so that I wouldn't get another horse as I didn't want to experience that pain again. Now, I have released this grief and are currently searching for my next horse. This to me is a massive break through as horses are a very important part of my life, not owning one made me feel disconnected with life.

Every day of the course I had massive shifts. I can highly recommend this course to anyone wanting to improve their life.

Simon and Evette are great teachers and I feel very blessed to have done this course with them. My future is bright and I am looking forward to showing friends and family what I have learned.

R Flynn, office executive, animal healer and intuitive

What an amazing group of people…….. All ready for that beautiful shift in consciousness. I enjoyed my 12 days and was both sad and excited to leave that magical void and slip back into the illusion that I have created.

I can say I have become the ULTIMATE OBSERVER. I notice everything, time has slowed right down and I walk into a room and see and feel everyone and it is a very comfortable feeling. I take time to look at the colour of the walls, the flooring , the windows, the view outside, just about everything. And it may sound boring, but it is such a beautiful way of being. When I shower I take the time to appreciate the body that I surround and I take the time and pleasure just to put a pair of socks on. When I watch my children, I really feel them. They are constantly hugging and kissing me since my return of the 12 divine days… I feel more in love with my husband and he has noticed a big change in the way I am. The challenge for me has been when things are a little out of control at home, and I am handling everything with absolute ease. My home life is so safe and warm and cosy and sacred. I loooooove where I AM. And as far as I am concerned the pain can take a very very long walk back to where it came from and then disintegrate into nothing. WITH LOVE TO ALL YOU BEAUTIFUL SOULS. People meet for a reason.

Kim Peters, 4th year kinesiology student

Video testimonial:

Frank found that IA transformed his life, clearing his aggression, healing his body and even saving his mother's life! (She was a regular visitor at our free clinic). Watch the video here:

Frank Barbagallo, Salsa teacher and local Melbourne celebrity

Physical healing testimonial: [By way of background, prior to doing the course Janet had muscle and lymphatic problems in her legs which caused considerable pain and had prevented her jumping or running for over 6 years.]

I'm writing to give you all an update, a second instalment to me being able to jump!

You all know how excited I was to be able to jump, well, the Sunday after our course finished I RAN, yes RAN with my daughter - I'm not sure that I have ever done that! THEN.....BUT WAIT THERE'S MORE, late last week, I ran UP AND DOWN a flight of stairs! Now I tell you now there was time when I could barely drag myself up a flight of stairs and even in recent times wouldn't have even contemplated it because my legs/ankles would have given way. How awesome is that?!!! Needless to say I am stoked. I can now see how hideously unfit I am but who wouldn't be when you haven't exercise properly for 6 or more years!

I really do feel like I have walked into a new life (literally) and am still being surprised by the amount of energy that I have each day! Not only am I grateful to Simon, for an amazing healing session that really nailed for me, to Evette and Simon for the course and also to all of you. It was THE most supportive environment I've ever been in. And while I didn't have a healing swap with everyone, I have no doubt that it was the amount of consciousness and love in that environment that enabled me to have a such a profound healing . That consciousness and love allowed all of us to reach the Oneness and it's that, in that beautiful environment that has allowed such amazing change in my life.

It is 2 weeks of my life I will never forget. Thankyou, I'm so glad I got to share it with you all.

With oodles of love to you all as I go running, skipping and jumping into the next phase of life!!

Janet Gardiner, graphic designer

Simon & Evette, Your Intuitive Anatomy Course was amazing! The massive shifts that I felt during the course have already prompted many changes in my life. I now have very definite boundaries in place, something I seem to have been working on for most of my life, but until I did IA never seemed to have mastered. I also have a new sense of self after clearing my blocks and have already started using this modality on others with great success.

I have managed to work on about 5 people since the course finished last Saturday, and I am happy to report that ALL have felt immediate shifts. They all report a new found sense of clarity, connectedness and a definite feeling of well being, which is wonderful!

I already knew that this was a life changing technique when Simon used it to instantly cure me of a bad Rotary Cuff shoulder injury just under a month ago, but attending IA has made me realize on a grander scale, just how life altering this technique really is.

I have studied many other healing modalities in the past, but although I have found them all to be good in their own way, I have never come across a modality that gets such fantastic results every time with such ease.

Thank you both so much for all the time and effort you have put into getting this out there. I can't recommend your IA course highly enough to anyone who really wants to make changes in their own lives, or to any healing practitioner who wants to get fast permanent results for their clients. Much love to you both,

Linda Moratti, office administrator and healing practitioner

I am writing from India, where I have come to help my mother who has been sick. I came straight from assisting at IA to here.

Ever since I rushed out of the course on the last day to go to the airport, everything has been just FLOWING with unbelievable ease. I have continued to carry the states of GROUNDED BEINGNESS, ALLOWING, ALIGNMENT, KNOWINGNESS and SURRENDER all along, and have been noticing the synchronicities taking place; too many to list, but one of the little ones being my baggage coming in on the conveyor just as I approach it. And then there were people I met while waiting at different points along the journey, who appeared to have been especially sent to provide me answers to questions that I had in my mind, as if like angels, well not LIKE angels; but they WERE angels.

For me, Mastering the Miraculous / IA was an amazingly spiritual experience, to be "hanging around" a group of people who are like-minded on our journey towards "cleansing" ourselves.

I have been working on mum using Simon's RPT techniques "pretending to be her", since she is not in a state to do our "digging" process. I do find that she is very peaceful. I send, or rather engulf her every cell with unconditional love to dissolve any traces of cancer and arthritis. When I went to see her today she appeared much better than yesterday. Her stomach which was appearing very bloated the last few days, seemed to have shrunk. A nodule below her ear which had enlarged over the last few years, had shrunk.

Thanks to Simon and Evette for being such wonderfully inspiring facilitators.

With Love and Blessings, John Mascarenhas, Theta Healing teacher and healing practitioner

Intuitive Anatomy showed me there is a divine perfection behind all things. That's no small thing!

Shayne Jarvis, football player and Theta healing instructor

Doing the Intuitive Anatomy workshop with Simon was one of the most transformative experiences of my life. It is truly a divinely inspired program that allows you to unfold, day after day, brings up whatever needs to be addressed. I left at the end of the three weeks feeling a lot more peace, strength and clarity. To dedicate three weeks of your life to your own personal healing, cradled by the support of like-minded people, is a gift we all deserve and will bene?t hugely from. I highly recommend this essential workshop to everyone

Clare Tam, dentist

Intuitive Anatomy opened up whole new thoughts for me and gave me an even greater appreciation of how healing works. Activating my ability visualise and "hear" messages on people being scanned was completely awesome. I also appreciated being able to work on so many different people as this gave me much more con?dence in doing healings.

Janette Scifleet, healing practitioner

Intuitive Anatomy made an incredible difference to my life. The amount of "stuff" I cleared was amazing - especially the stuff I never dreamed was there. I came out of it a changed man. It has accelerated my healing and spiritual development incredibly. My clients are having wonderful results and instant healings which I can attribute to what I learnt in IA. It is a must for anyone who is serious about changing their lives for the better.

Mark Anthony, Theta healing instructor