Reference Point Therapy

What is Reference Point Therapy?
Where does Reference Point Therapy come from?
What can Reference Point Therapy do?
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How does Reference Point Therapy work?
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What is Reference Point Therapy?

Reference Point Therapy is your "one-stop shop" for healing and empowerment.

You no longer have to do course after course (or see healer after healer, teacher after teacher) to get the answers you need. We've done the hard work for you! After many years of searching for the "missing piece", after years of studying and teaching courses that got "nearly there" but never quite there, Evette and Simon are incredibly excited to share their finished product, Reference Point Therapy: Healing That Works!

Some people prefer to learn by watching a video than reading text. There is a lot of information below on this page. If you prefer, you can watch this video in which Simon describes Reference Point Therapy: Healing That Really Works™". Simon answers questions such "what do you do?", "how does it work?", "What's included in the courses?" and "what happens in a consultation?"

Simon is working on a new video. Please check back in a few weeks.

Where does Reference Point Therapy come from?

Reference Point Therapy is our own original work. Inspiration is drawn from at least five different sources - detailed credit is given below. We wish to emphasize our incredible reluctance to launch our own work - we used to say there were already too many healing modalities. We spent between us more than 10 years searching for "the answers". We taught some techniques believing at first that they had the answers, and then realising they didn't. Our intuition told us that the highest path lay in combining the wisdom of many teachers and Masters. However every single teacher or Master we spoke to told us "you must respect the purity of My work". Because no existing healing or spiritual modality has all the answers, and because each of them limits its teachers from including "outside" ideas, we were left with no choice but to launch our own body of work. We have done hundreds of courses, and read thousands of books, all with the same goal: to present to you a simple, clear and highly effective tool: Healing That Works.

Our most important breakthrough was realising that you can spare yourself from many many years of therapy and clear most of your trauma in one quick movement if you can trace the trauma back to the original reference point, or anchor, for that trauma. (This isn't a new concept by the way, it's just that people haven't been getting deep enough in their search for this original reference point.) When you find that origin, the whole healing or treatment is instantaneous. Yes, years and years of therapy can be achieved in a micro-second. If you've experienced the trauma of counselling, regression, pulling negative beliefs, channelling energy or other slow (or painful) therapies, you will be amazed at just how fast and easy this therapy is. We named it Reference Point Therapy because it is about the finding and changing that original reference point.

Techniques that have influenced us and contributed in some way great or small to the development of Reference Point Therapy include (a) Neuro Linguistic Programming; (b) Grant McFetridge's Peak States work; (c) the Hawaiian tradition of Ho'oponopono; (d) Soleria Green's work with Beingness and expanding consciousness. All of these techniques have lead us to find our Truth and to develop a system of "Healing That Works".

In any aspect of your life where you are not being all you can be, Reference Point Therapy empowers you to create a life you love.  

Read on to learn how Reference Point Therapy works and what miraculous results you can achieve (emotionally, physically and spiritually).