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Simon Rose

Simon Rose is the expert that psychologists call when they can't help someone. He is a leading authority on emotional therapy who wrote the new guidelines for how therapists should help their clients. His techniques which have solved some of the most significant problems in psychology and medicine. Simon teaches these techniques to doctors, psychologists and complementary therapists in 20 different countries.

Simon has seen many thousands of students and clients. Many of these people were undergoing psychotherapy for twenty years or more before finding Simon and being finally healed of their emotional wounds.

Before RPT, Simon worked as a corporate lawyer in a large Australian law firm and as an investment banker in London. He started exploring therapy and alternative healing techniques after he was diagnosed with a brain tumour in 2003. After receiving significant personal results from alternative therapies, Simon trained to become a therapist and a teacher of alternative therapies. Simon began teaching full time in 2005 and has since taught many thousands of students across more than 20 countries.

The defining moment for Simon (and the discovery of RPT) came in 2008. Simon realized a glaring problem with all known and established therapies (mainstream, alternative, etc). They cannot get to the bottom of a client's problem. They can help a person, but never in a permanent way. In fact, the best and most successful therapies work mostly on a placebo effect.

Simon dedicated himself to creating a permanent solution to people's problems. He succeeded in various stages, starting with the first introduction of RPT in 2009 up until the official launch of the completed technique in 2015. In doing so, Simon solved some of the most significant problems in modern psychotherapy such as dealing with secondary gains and self-sabotage. Simon's modern solutions are taught around the world to therapists and to ordinary people who want to change their life in a meaningful and permanent way.

Simon provides high level success coaching and mentoring. He takes a very limited number of private clients - you can write to him to apply to be taken on as a client.

Simon is married to Anastasia Rose and they have a four year old son. They split their time between Moscow, Russia and Melbourne, Australia.

Consultation Rates:

  • USD 475 for a 2.5 hour consultation with free short follow up session; or $200 per hour.

Location:  The World , Russia  and available on Skype

To book a private consultation with Simon Rose, please email us. When emailing please include the days and times that are best for you.