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Join us, and Become a Master of the Miraculous.

Our most advanced, comprehensive life mastery course is Mastery of the Miraculous. This truly is the greatest gift you could give to yourself.

Mastering of the Miraculous (previously entitled Intuitive Anatomy) is a unique and truly life changing journey: healing course, self-development workshop and intuition training in the one course.  This course is 80% “hands on," most of the time is spent giving and receiving healings so that you can master the technique and clear anything that’s holding you back.  Mastery of the Miraculous guides you through healing every aspect of your life, each layer of emotions and spirit, and by reference, each part of your body.



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The goal of this course is transformation of mind, body and soul, taking you from where you are today into your most Divine states of Being. We do this by breaking down your blocks in a logical step-by-step framework. It's the structure as much as the content that is important.

For instance you start by gifting yourself a whole day to get into your heart space, to connect your brain and your heart, to be your Beingness. Then we spend a whole day clearing secondary gain, so that you are 100% emotionally and mentally ready for the journey ahead. We spend one whole day clearing all your abuse issues (which is easy using the new Reference Point Therapy techniques). This is important - abuse issues should be left in the past and shouldn't come up more than this one day.

We work day by day, layer by layer to clear the remaining blocks: abundance blocks, support issues, self-work issues, anger, resentment, grief, boundaries, ego, control issues, communication blocks, trust issues, and our perceptions of our reality.

Each day of the course correspondence to different parts of the anatomy. Though we teach the metaphysics of intuitive anatomy, this is not a course in anatomy. This is not a course in diseases and disorders, and yet at the end of the course you will be able to realign (rather than heal) many diseases and disorders considered incurable even by alternative healing practitioners. The secret is simply to be your true self. When you Master the Miraculous, simply being in your space of power and grace will cause those around you to heal. You should expect your whole Being, that is your body, mind and soul, to transform in these 12 days.

To read some of the amazing testimonials we've received from our Mastering the Miraculous course, click here.

Warning: This course will change your life! You will have the opportunity to finally be FREE of all of the following:

  • Abuse issues;
  • Self esteem issues;
  • Worthiness issues;
  • Body image issues;
  • Financial abundance issues;
  • Support issues;
  • Sexuality issues/Sex and Intimacy Issues;
  • Depression/happiness issues;
  • Communication blocks such as not feeling heard;
  • Feeling lost or disconnected from your path or purpose;
  • Anxiety/ stress issues ;
  • Feeling trapped in fear;
  • Feeling stopped from following your passion or being true to yourself; and
  • Physical health issues (especially protracted health problems).
  • Consider for just one minute what it would be worth to you to be free of all of this (and more). With our very reasonable pricing and I'm sure you'll agree that this is an easy investment to choose.

    The course is taught over 2 weeks (12 days in total). Each day runs approx. 9am to 5.30pm (some days ending 6.00pm with the healing clinic).  By the end of 2 weeks your life will have completely changed!

    Numbers are strictly limited based on the size of the room and number of teachers and assistants. Therefore please contact us as early as possible to express your interest in the course. You will be supported throughout the course by a number of teachers and assistant teachers. 


    • Level 1 Reference Point Therapy: Healing That Works; and
    • Level 2 Advanced Reference Point Therapy.

    Investment: Please note that pricing varies slightly country to country. Refer to the table below for details.

    Early bird discount: In Australia the early bird price is $800 off for people who pay in full three months before the course, and $400 off for people who pay in full one month before the course. and pay in full 1 month before the course. We are happy to arrange a payment plan with Australian residents.

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    Please note that our cancellation policy is that payments are normally non-refundable, but they are fully transferable - a later course.

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    Level 3:Mastering the Miraculous

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