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Level 2: Reference Point Therapy

Our level 2 course, Reference Point Therapy super-charges your life and your healings. You will learn to heal your soul, your biology (physical body) and your abundance in amazingly powerful ways.

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Course Outline

Have you ever felt like your healing journey is never ending? If you are doing "belief work" (such as Neuro Linguistic Programming or one of it's many energy healing offshoots), you may have noticed that there's an infinite list of negative beliefs. What's worse, some of them seem to keep coming up again and again. You clear the belief on one topic or issue but it's there the next day in a different context. The old healing process seemed never ending.

Our Level 2 Reference Point Therapy enables you to make instant changes in your life, health and wealth by identifying and releasing the specific moments of trauma and the reference points (i.e. mental and emotional associations) we take on in those moments. You don't need to do hours of "digging" because - here's the great bit - most people's blocks are caused by trauma at the same critical moments.

Some examples: most people's abundance problems are caused by blocks at their conception (which is when their energy of "co-creation" should be highest). Most people's feelings of disconnection are caused by trauma just after birth. And most people's spiritual blocks, feelings of a difficulty reaching enlightenment or intuitive abilities are caused by specific moments of trauma in the womb.

The Level 1 course teaches a new model for healing, the way to simply "Be" and to trace problems back to their underlying trauma. The Level 2 course gives you a super-charged "short-cut". You don't need to clear every single underlying trauma. We will guide you to find and clear the specific moments of trauma necessary to achieve instant changes for you, your family, friends and clients.

Here are some of the many patterns that we will teach you how to clear on the course using this new instant healing technique:

  • have boundaries been an issue for you? Change them forever and by clearing the original reference point for the trauma that determined your lifelong patterns of boundaries. To spell it out for you, people who have been abused already carried that trauma in their biology BEFORE the abuse occurred. We show you how to get to the original reference point for boundaries.
  • abundance blocks don't really have to do with negative beliefs (which is why just pulling a million beliefs won't shift your abundance much). We will show you how to enter the energy of your divine creative potential and shift the consciousness there, where it all begins.
  • lots of people believe that in order to be "enlightened" you are either born enlightened or have to do years' of hard work. The truth is though that enlightenment depends on certain critical moments of trauma in our biology. Learn how to find and clear these original reference points so that you can achieve higher states of awareness, connection and intuition NOW.

In order to make these instant changes you need to isolate the original reference point for the underlying pattern or trauma. You cannot do this by "connecting" to a higher source (which undermines your own divinity) and you cannot do it by changing beliefs. You have to stay in your body, connected to the Oneness, being your divine Being, and allow the instant healing to occur.

Are you ready for your own magnificence?

In addition to teaching you these amazing Reference Point techniques, our Level 2 course teaches you how to apply Reference Point Therapy in amazing new ways, giving you the ability to:

  • rapidly accelerate your spiritual growth;
  • heal powerfully, rapidly and at the deepest level;
  • work with, and heal, any "consciousness", including plants, animals and non-organic material. This includes reprogramming your house, car, crystals, as well as your clothes, furniture etc. You can program any object to emit the vibration of your choice - such as "safety", "joy' or "love"; and
  • reprogram your business for success and abundance. Your business has a consciousness, and during difficult times it may carry trauma. Clear the energetic business trauma and replace it with reference points for success and abundance. This is an amazing tool to turn around the fortunes of any business.

All of these techniques are based on the laws of quantum physics, in particular the Holographic Model of the universe (read Michael Talbot's Holographic Universe for more information).


  • Level 1 Reference Point Therapy: Healing That Works.

Investment: Depends on course location due to local costs. See the booking form below. Early bird discount requires payment in full 3 weeks before the course. If the only visible price is the "Investment" option it means the early bird offer has expired for that course.

Hours: Our Level 2 course has recently moved to a 3 day structure due to increased course content. Typically the course is taught 9am to about 6 - 6.30pm. It usually runs Friday to Sunday. Later start times apply in some cities. Details will be sent on registration.

Please note that our cancellation policy is that payments are normally non-refundable, but they are fully transferable - a later course.

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