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Reference Point Therapy: Healing That Works

The key focus of Reference Point Therapy is getting to the bottom of things. Simon and Evette found that the reason that many healings don't create profound instant and permanent change is that most techniques don't consistently get to the bottom of the problem. For instant if you are only working with energy or changing negative beliefs, you aren't getting to the bottom of things. Old problems are likely to recur as patterns re-emerge from a place much deeper than your energy and belief systems.

Reference Point Therapy: Healing That Works is the only proven system that gives you a 100% promise that you will get "to the bottom of your stuff" and clear things at the deepest level.

This page contains the course outline and content. The dates and prices of upcoming courses is at the bottom of this page. 

Level 1: Healing That Works

In their Level 1 course, Simon and Evette teach you how to truly "Be" your magnificent "Beingness". This is a powerful course in "instant transformations". The focus is on truly getting to the bottom of things, and teaches a whole new model of healing.

The full (2 day) course covers :

  • "being" instead of "connecting"
  • "allowing" instead of "healing"
  • truly getting to the bottom of things - why the new trauma model completely replaces "belief work"; and
  • one full supervised healing swap (about 1 - 1.5 hours each) so that you can make a massive transformation under our supervision.
  • working with children and healing pets;
  • energy clearings (people and land);
  • guardian angel readings and future readings - opening up to "higher guidance"; and
  • a second healing full healing swap under our supervision for even more significant life changes.

Being instead of Connecting

You may previously have learned concepts such as "connecting" to "God" or connecting to a client in order to "send" them a healing. If so, you will take a quantum leap forward in your spirituality in this course. Instead of connecting, we will guide you to the magnificence within you. The simplest way to describe this is to say that you will truly Be the Creator of your experience, instead of trying to connect to your creator. This is an amazing state we call Powerful Grace in which you are truly responsible for creating (and transforming) your existence. The buck stops with you, so you might as well create a reality you really enjoy.

When it comes to an instant healing on another soul, you don't need to connect to them, all you need to do is remind them of their own magnificence. When you are "Being" your Divine Being, your allow them into a greater state of Beingness. There's no need to connect and hence there's absolutely no risk of feeling drained or "taking on the client's stuff" (that habit of feeling worse after you help someone that so many healers know).

Allowing instead of healing

Just about every healing technique on the planet teaches you DO things. Things like "connecting", "channelling energy", "downloading", "witnessing", "digging", "counselling" etc etc. All of these are "doing" words, actions.

You might have heard the famous expression "Be the change". That's "BE", not "DO" the change. One of the reasons why healings become complicated is that we've focused on so many "doings" that we've forgotten who and what we are meant to be: Love, Grace, Oneness and Mastery.

In Healing That Works we guide you through a process of releasing all the doings in your life so you can start Being your Beingness - that is Being your divine being. When you are Being your Beingness, you come into alignment with everything around you, and so does your client. There is no need to "do" a healing. The healing just "is", the change is instant, it comes into Being.

Getting to the bottom of things

The most important part of the new level 1 Healing That Works course is that we teach you to truly get to the bottom of things.

We've been greatly inspired by recent PhD research which showed conclusively that trauma is what blocks us from achieving our goals (including enlightenment) and that most of the relevant trauma relates back to the time of our conception or earlier in our ancestral line. What this means in short is that if you are doing a healing on "stuff" (it's a technical term!) that happened in your lifetime, you are not getting to the bottom of it. Our new model traces issues (physical, emotional and spiritual) back to the key underlying trauma. Using our "Beingness" technique, the trauma can be released instantly. All the negative beliefs, energy blocks and other associations that are built on this trauma will instantly dissolve.

You may have heard of "instant healing" techniques. Finally here is on that really works - for you. And we're confident enough to demonstrate it in class and put live recordings on our website for you to see.

Here's a hypothetical example: If someone has been abused they may spend years of counselling trying to get over it. They may clear all the negative beliefs and energy around the abuse, but they might still find they attract abuse (victim energy) or can't fully heal. The reason is because the pattern for abuse most often traces back to trauma patterns in the egg at conception. If you miss this vital reference point, you are most likely to never heal the pattern.

This new technique is amazingly effective at emotional and physical healings that don't respond to any other technique. It's also incredibly powerful for abundance healings.

Investment: The investment options vary based on the location and the length of the course (eg 1 or 2 days). Repeat price for Reference Point Therapy graduates is about 50% off.

Hours: The course duration is 2 days, usually Saturday and Sunday. Hours are typically 9am to 6.30pm unless otherwise advised.

Please note that our cancellation policy is that payments are normally non-refundable, but they are fully transferable - a later course.

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