Introductory Workshops

 If you have a group of people (eg a healing or meditation practice group) that would like to see a demonstration of Reference Point Therapy or participate in a free or mini introductory workshop, please contact Reference Point Therapy.

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Watch our online Introductory talk-Stay Tuned


Simon is working on a new video introduction. Please check back in a few weeks

The best way to experience the magic of an "instant healing" is to come to one of our Free or Mini Introductory workshops (see "Upcoming Events" below).

We realise of course that not everybody can come to meet us in person (especially those outside of our home town of Melbourne), so we recorded a brief introductory talk with Simon. This is a 30 minute version of our Free Intro talk, covering about a half of the material presented at the live Free Intro workshop. This is hopefully enough to give you a very good sense of what we do. This video should be viewed in conjunction with one or more of the live demonstration videos, as the demonstrations are a very important part of the Free Intro workshop. (We recognise that it's one thing for us to claim "instant healings" but something else for you to receive one or witness one in front of you.

Simon is working on a new video introduction. Please check back in a few weeks

Demonstration of Reference Point Therapy - our instant healing technique

In this video Simon demonstrates the technique that is covered in our Level 1 workshop. The Level 1 technique is conversational in nature (the Level 2 technique is faster and more intuitive). As you'll see, through a very simple conversation and line of questioning, Simon helps our student, Linda, identify and clear the emotions and patterns linked to her damaged shoulder ligament. After applying the Reference Point Therapy technique, Linda experiences an instant physical healing.

Please note that this video has been edited slightly. It is not intended to be instructional (ie it doesn't really teach you how to "do" the healing, rather it demonstrates the nature of a healing and the type of instant results you may expect.

By the way... we have received many feedback testimonials from viewers who reported that their shoulder pain disappeared or reduced (permanently) whilst they watched Linda's healings. Let us know how you enjoy the demo

Watch the video here:

Upcoming events

Introduction to Reference Point Therapy  - free intros or Mini RPT workshops

We have introduction workshops scheduled in the following cities.  
Please RSVP to confirm a space by email.
We recommend you bring a pen and a water bottle with you to the free introductory workshop.

Request an introduction workshop in your area

Email and tell us where you are, and how many people would be interested in an introduction, and we'll see what we can arrange. Email Us or contact Reference Point Therapy on (03) 9531 0000.