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What is Theta Magic?
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What is Theta Magic?

Theta Magic was the original name for our a business, launched by Simon in 2005. From 2005 - 2008 Simon exclusively taught Theta Healing workshops. For this reason he named his business "Theta Magic". The "Magic" part is for magical transformation (like the caterpillar turning into a butterfly).

By late 2008 this business had run it's course and we ceased teaching Theta Healing. Many new techniques were faster and more effective than Theta Healing, but the Theta Healing teacher contract prevented Simon from telling his new students about anything that could improve upon Theta. Simon was left with no choice but to resign from Theta Healing and develop his own work, integrating all the new techniques he had discovered. To avoid confusion with Theta Healing, Simon decided to change his business name.

Because of the high level of brand recognition of Theta Magic in Australia and overseas, the transition to a new name is a gradual process. That's why you may see some references to Theta Magic on this re-launched website.

What is Healing That Works?

In February 2009 Simon and his wife Evette re-launched their business as "Healing That Works". Their main focus is teaching their own power technique, Reference Point Therapy. The business name is broader than the therapy because it is intended to include anything that really works. In the future we hope to include instruction and consultations in including nutritional therapies (such as naturopathy and diet education), and physical therapies such as body work. Several of our Reference Point Therapy practitioners are also naturopaths or massage therapists (among other skills) and we encourage the integration of all therapies that work.

The aims of Healing That Works include:

  • promoting our new power technique, Reference Point Therapy;
  • spreading the message that healing is meant to be Easy, Safe and Fun (and never painful or traumatic);
  • making profound healings affordable - measurable results should be obtained after 1-2 sessions, never months of repeat sessions;
  • educating the community that it is easy to clear the worst trauma (including for instance sexual abuse) without reliving the experience in any way. We aim to change traumatic therapies (i.e. most of them) so that therapists no longer traumatise their clients by making them talk about or re-live their past abuse;
  • raising people's consciousness and spirit, showing people how to re-connect with their inner power and "Being-ness"; and
  • demystifying healing - taking the "New Age" out of healing so that it is accessible (and non-intimidating) to the whole population not just those who already believe in alternative therapies.

We achieve this through clear communication of who we are and what we do, and through making ourselves and our work accessible.

We place a lot of very valuable content online for free, including instructions and demonstrations. We do this as a service to educate the community and raise consciousness about how safe and easy true healing is.

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